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Age is definitely not a barrier to explore, learn and achieve. And of lately, Rajinder Singh, 73, from UK, popularly called ‘Skipping Sikh’, has set a stunning example for the younger generation by posting his workout videos that age is no criteria for a person to pursue his goals. Since the lockdown was imposed in England, he had been regularly posting workout videos on his Instagram and Twitter page . He is a source of inspiration to many youngsters to indulge in a healthy lifestyle.

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Not only that, with the help of the videos and the adulation he got, he managed to raise around £ 15,000 for the UK National Health Service (NHS) to help them fight COVID-19. His videos on YouTube had garnered around 250,000 views.

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And now for his good works, UK government has honoured Mr.Singh with the ‘Points of Light’ award for inspiring and making a difference in People’s life.

UK PM Boris Johnson had personally written a letter to Singh on this achievement, “Your ‘Skipping Sikh’ videos have given a lift to the thousands of people worldwide who have watched your videos online and taken part with you in daily exercise. You have brought people together and energized the Sikh community at a time when temples were closed.”