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Seventy-five more people were confirmed with COVID-19 in the State on June 17, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said at a press conference. He said that 90 patients were cured of the infection and 20 people have so far died in the State.

The Chief Minister said that till date 277 people from Kerala died of COVID-19 in foreign nations. Among those who tested positive for COVID-19, 33 people had arrived from abroad, 19 from other States and three people got the disease through contact.

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Of the infected, 14 hailed from Kollam district, 11 from Malappuram district, nine from Kasargod district, eight from Thrissur district, six each from Palakkad and Kozhikode districts, five from Ernakulam district, four each from Kottayam and Kannur districts, three each from Thiruvananthapuram and Wayanad districts and one each from Alappuzha and Pathanamthitta districts.

The Chief Minister said that the COVID-19 situation was alarming and that measures need to be adopted to stop the spread of the disease to more people in the State.

The number of infected have risen to 2,697 and 1,351 people were under treatment in hospitals. There were 1,25,307 under observation of whom1,989 were in hospitals; 203 patients were newly admitted in hospitals. Until now, 1,22,466 samples were sent for examination and the results of 3.019 samples were yet to come.

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The State has entered the third phase of COVID-19 spread. Those who died had arrived from outside, aged and with other serious ailments. The State has implemented social distancing, wearing of masks, scientific implementation of social contact and reverse quarantine very effectively. If the State continues with these measures it can effectively prevent the spread of COVId-19.

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Everyone should continue with self-restraint and urges others to continue with these measures. Everyone should be health communication disseminator.

The State had set up a first class COVID treatment centre and COVID first line treatment centre. It will soon start rapid tests that would give the result within 30 minutes. As travel restrictions were relaxed the number of infected rose, the Chief Minister said.