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A group of monkeys had an intense fight in Rashtrapati Bhavan premises, seriously injuring one of them who had to be rescued, an NGO said on Tuesday.

A high-pitched cry of the monkeys drew the attention of maintenance staff, who rushed to the terrace and repelled the monkeys. They later found a macaque, a medium-sized, chiefly forest-dwelling  monkey with a short tail, under a water tank in a semi-conscious state on Sunday evening, said an official of the non-profit Wildlife SOS.

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The Rashtrapati Bhavan staff immediately contacted Wildlife SOS and kept a close watch on the injured monkey until a two-member team from the NGO arrived.

“The monkey suffered severe wounds on his hind and forelimbs and is undergoing treatment. It will be released back into its natural habitat when certified fit for release,” said Wasim Akram, deputy director of special projects at the NGO.

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Kartick Satyanarayan, Wildlife SOS co-founder and CEO, said, It was heartening to see the staff at President’s Estate go to the extent of caring for the welfare of animals in distress.”

The Rashtrapati Bhavan is part of the President’s Estate, which is spread over 330 acres and has a number of fruit trees, including mango and jamun.

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It is located right next to the natural habitat of the central ridge, which has a large population of monkeys. Often, they venture into Rashtrapati Bhavan in search of food, a Wildlife SOS official said.