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Taking into consideration the rising number of COVID-19 cases, the Abu Dhabi authorities on Monday decided to extend the travel ban by another week. The limitations regarding the developments was first introduced on June 2 with a guarantee that COVID-19 testing will be done to curb the further spread of COVID-19. As per the reports given by the authorities, more than  388,000 inhabitants were tested for the virus in the previous two weeks.
The ban covers all the Abu Dhabi regions and throughout the Emirate. This applies to all the residents of Abu Dhabi, including the UAE nationals. Exclusions are accessible (with special permissions) for employees working in crucial sectors, patients with incurable diseases who need to visit medical clinics and the transportation of necessary goods. Movement inside the region is permitted in accordance with National Sterilisation programme hours.
Abu Dhabi police has also allotted two lanes at all security points to reduce the constraints on highways and will also ensure unhindered flow of mail and goods.

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