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Venus, as we know is a hellish world, and until now, scientists believed that no life could thrive on this planet. But now, a new study conducted by scientists at MIT has revealed that alien life, at least in microbial form could be thriving in Venus.

Scientists made this conclusion after detecting traces of phosphine in the atmosphere of Venus. According to researchers who took part in this study, phosphine will be formed due to biological causes, which indicates the presence of life on Venus.

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In a recent press briefing hosted by the Royal Astronomical Society, researchers revealed that Venus could be a living habitat for small microbes. However, they admitted that a new kind of chemistry could be also responsible for the production of phosphine, but they strongly suggested that the known viable reason for the release of this compound could be biological causes.

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“Our nearest neighbour, Venus, has cloud decks that are temperate but hyper acidic. Here we report the apparent presence of phosphine (PH3) gas in Venus’s atmosphere, where any phosphorus should be in oxidised forms,” wrote the researchers in their study report which is now available in Nature journal.

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In the press briefing, researchers also urged space agencies like NASA to explore Venus more so that more details of possible signs of alien life can be unveiled in the coming years. Researchers also called their discovery much unexpected, but quite exciting, as it could open up a new path in the search of extraterrestrial life.