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Android users are in great danger, as the dangerous Fakesky malware which was first discovered in Japan in 2017 is now resurfacing with new features. Hackers are not only stealing people’s personal data through this newly updated malware but are also trying to empty their bank accounts. A report by Cybereason revealed that fakesky will target users from all around the world.

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According to the report, Fakesky sends users fake text messages thereby prompting the victims to click on a malicious link. This link directs them to download an app. Once the users download this app, then the fake app will get full access to a user’s personal details in the device including the bank related apps and can also steal login information.

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Experts claim that the Chinese group ‘Roaming Mantis’ is behind the operation of this app in Asia. This malicious group steals confidential information of the users like phone numbers, device models, telecom providers, OS versions, banking information, IMEI numbers and IMSI numbers. “Our analysis shows that the threat actor behind the FakeSpy malware is a Chinese-speaking group, commonly referred to as “Roaming Mantis”, a group that is known to have launched similar campaigns in the past,” researchers wrote in their analysis