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Blood tests could help determine whether coronavirus infections may turn fatal for patients, according to a study.

Researchers who conducted the at George Washington University in Washington analysed five different characteristics of patients’ blood to determine whether that was any link between these and the seriousness of the infection. These properties of blood are called biomarkers, and scientists who took part in this research found a link between these biomarkers and an increased risk from coronavirus.

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The research report suggested that blood tests on patients could help doctors to understand which one needs more attention and medical care. As part of the study, researchers observed 299 patients, and out of them, 200 had all the biomarkers scientists needed to observe.


“We hope these biomarkers help physicians determine how aggressively they need to treat patients, whether a patient should be discharged, and how to monitor patients who are going home, among other clinical decisions,” said Shant Ayanian, lead author of the study.

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The biomarkers observed by scientists in the patients’ blood group are IL-6, D-dimer, CRP, LDH, and ferritin. According to researchers, an increase in any of these biomarkers is indicating the fact that the patient is more prone to inflammation and bleeding disorder. Understanding the vulnerability of infection among different people could also help hospitals to efficiently allocate resources between patients.

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Medical experts believe that this new finding could play a crucial role in saving the lives of several people who are being infected with the coronavirus. According to the latest statistics, there are more than 20 million positive coronavirus cases, and the death toll has already crossed 7,48,000.