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Kannur:A seventeen years old boy’s left arm has been amputated due to negligence on the part of doctors of General hospital in THalassery .Chettam Kunnu native Sultan Bin Siddique ‘s left hand was amputated below the elbow. A complaint has been lodged against Dr.Binu Mon

The boy fell and injured his left arm while playing football on October 30.As there were no facilities for x-ray in the General hospital in Thalasserry, Sultan’s father took him to the Cooperative hospital.Two bones of his left arm were found broken in the x-ray taken from there.The doctors of Thalasserry General Hospital informed the family to conduct a surgery on November 3.Though Sultan suffered severe pain on his arm, the doctor refused to treat him ,alleges Sultan’s family.They demand immediate medical care when a blue colour was noticed on the affected arm.An emergency surgery was conducted on only one bone. Sultan’s father alleged that wound was kept open without proper dressing or stitching after the surgery.The authorities had informed the family that the surgery was on both bones cannot be carried out at the same time.Hence, the family accused the hospital authorities of delaying surgery for 13 days and conducting an incomplete surgery.if the doctor had referred Sultan to any other hospital on time, his arm would have been saved, said Sultan’s father

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Dr.Binu Mon did not heed to their request even after visiting him frequently.It was only after several days that he referred Sultan  to Government medical College, citing lack of facilities for  plastic surgery. The doctors recommended amputation to prevent spread of infection to other organs .Later,Sultan was taken to a private hospital in Kozhikode and anotherhospital in coimbatore.When the doctors in these hospitaL  also suggested amputation ,  medical College informed that our surrounds how to be conducted and the hand will be together ambulated it was surgical felt the doctors recommendation to prevent spread of infections to other organs taken a private hospital in Kozhikode and other hospital in Coimbatore and the conducted the surgery at the private hospital in Kannur . Sultan and his parents ,who don’t have a  house of their own ,are  currently  residing in a relatives house.