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Several previous studies have revealed that almost 20 per cent of coronavirus patients are asymptomatic, which means they show no symptoms related to this infection. Several medical experts believe that these silent spreaders should be identified as they may trigger community spread in particular areas where the pandemic has already been contained.

Defective dummy coronavirus particles

And now, a new Chinese study has suggested that coronavirus may be producing defective dummy particles, and it is making some people the victims of this pathogen without showing symptoms.

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The non-reviewed paper published in the non-peer-reviewed journal bioRxiv states that the rise in asymptomatic patients should not be a cause of great concern. According to this study report, these defective particles have incomplete coronavirus genes, and they were not encased in protective membranes.

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Researchers who took part in this study suggested that these particles could be most probably the inaccurate copies the pathogen makes as it tries to replicate.

Coronavirus death rate set to surge

Meanwhile, Bob Lahita, a medical professor at Rutgers has warned about the possible rise in coronavirus-related death rates in the coming days. Lahita believes that intense lockdown measures should be re-implemented in the United States to combat a possible rise of deaths in the United States.

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“I’m hoping that the governors use some common sense and close up again. It comes close to irresponsible, reopening until we have absolute proof that the disease is under control,” Lahita told CBS in a recent interaction.