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Venus Alien hunt


A few days back, in a press briefing hosted by the Royal Astronomical Society, researchers claimed to have detected the presence of phosphine in the Venusian atmosphere. Experts consider the presence of phosphine a potential sign of alien life, as this gas is produced by microbes here on earth. Now, according to the latest reports, United States space agency NASA is apparently gearing up for a Venusian mission in the near future to unravel mysteries surrounding potential alien life forms on Venus.

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As the United States is planning for an upcoming Venusian mission, Dimitry Rogozin, head of the Russian space agency Roscosmos has claimed that Venus is a Russian planet, as the Soviet Union was the first and only country to land on the hostile planet.

Rogozin also added that their probe had gathered crucial information about the planet and he made it clear that the earth’s neighbor has a hellish atmosphere.

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It was in 1975 that the Soviet Union’s Venera 9 probe touched down the surface of the Venus, and captured some images of this planet from the ground. These pictures revealed the poisonous atmosphere of Venus, and considering the technology at that time, it was considered a milestone achievement.

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In the meantime, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is also planning to study Venus in the future as the country is gearing up with its highly ambitious Shukrayaan-1 mission. Even though India is not planning to land on Venus, ISRO aims to analyze the planet’s chemistry by orbiting around the planet.