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(Left) Dhanya Ravi, with playback singer K.S. Chitra and technocrat G. Vijaya Raghavan, and others.


Most of us use the term fate and destiny interchangeably in our conversations. But have you wondered about the actual distinction between fate and destiny?

Fate is derived from the Latin word Fatum, means, “…that which has been spoken.” Hence, from ages fate has been associated with – that which has been pre-ordained in our minds and lives.

Living by fate is a state in which you have failed to recognise the true potential of your soul. It is like accepting failure, even before playing a game. While it is true that you don’t have real control over your future, but it should not be an excuse to put off your efforts.

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This is where the significance of focusing on your actions is vital rather than the outcomes.
Destiny holds more positive connotations than fate. Derived from the Latin word Destinare, destiny is defined as “that which has been firmly established.” It is also described as the idea of predetermined happenings, however, destiny is something we can vigorously contour and alter.

It is that top tier in the design of possibilities and that’s where our vision becomes a reality. “It’s vital to take the first great step to the best of potential, never taking a risk is an inevitable fate.” We do not have control on certain aspects of our lives, like being born to particular parents or to some extent being physically unwell accidently. But the element of choice in responding to the situations serves to shape one’s destiny.

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“Man is the maker of his destiny, and I, therefore, ask you to become makers of your destiny” once said Mahatma Gandhi.
Destiny is still in the making for each one of us – The choice is to step up and take responsibility for particular situations that transpire in our lives. That’s when we are heartily shaping our destiny instead of leaving the times to fate.

Fate and destiny are both predetermined and can be perceived as two sides of the same coin. But the important element is to consider the infinite possibilities in life. “It is possible to fulfil our destiny by consciously sailing the stream of our lives in a certain direction.” With the commitment to learn and take chances, developing an intense connect to inner selves and nurturing on an emotional, mental and spiritual level one could be destined for greatness.
So are you fated to be successful or destined to be?

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Ms. Dhanya Ravi, a TEDx and JoshTalk speaker, was born with a rare genetic disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI). Known as India’s glass women, Dhanya is the recipient of State and national award.