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Intelligence agencies have warned about cyber-attack on the Indian Railways network. According to the source, through the APT 36 Malware Campaign, the data stored in the Indian railway systems including the movement of trains were being stolen and the information is stored in foreign locations. This Malware threat named APT 36, which is connected to Pakistan, is a close ally of China.
Keeping in view the serious situation, Intelligence agencies have asked all concerned departments to be vigilant and change the passwords of emails and online services from secure computers, format the hard-disk of the affected computers after back-up and re-install the operating systems and other softwares. Following a red flag from the intelligence agencies, the system of a senior Principal Executive Director of the Railways, working in its vigilance department, has been taken for cleaning the malware threat.
Besides railways, the malware also poses threat to defence, central police organisations, education and health sectors. The attack comes at a time when India is embroiled in the Corona crisis as well as in a stand-off with China on the border.

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