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Diesel price scaled to a new high after prices were hiked for the 22nd time in just over three weeks. Petrol price has now increased by 5 paise a litre and diesel 13 paise a litre across the country by state oil marketing companies.

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In Delhi, petrol price per litre was raised to Rs.80.43 as compared to Rs 80.38 earlier. Meanwhile, diesel price has been increased to Rs.80.53 a litre from Rs Rs.80.40.
In Mumbai, petrol price went up from Rs.87.14 per litre to Rs.87.19, while diesel was hiked to Rs.78.83 from Rs.78.71.

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Rates differ from state to state depending on the incidence of value-added tax (VAT).

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While the diesel price has been hiked for the 22nd time since June 7, petrol price has been raised on 21 occasions. There was no change in prices on Sunday.