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In 2017, the New York Times published an explosive report which stated that the Pentagon has carried out a secret program named AATIP (Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program) to know more about UFO sightings. Soon, To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences released two video clips that showed UFOs screeching across the skies at a breathtaking speed, as they were trailed by US Navy jets.

The videos soon went viral, and soon Pentagon admitted to having carried out AATIP. Later, Navy spokesman Joseph Gradisher revealed that these clips are real, and they were not manipulated. However, he made it clear that these footages were not supposed to be released in the first place.

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Earlier, this year, Pentagon officially released their videos, and many people still believe that it was the first step towards alien disclosure, which is basically a gradual process.

And now, Donald Trump’s comments on aliens, and his remarks on America’s military might have made many people believe that the President has actually threatened extraterrestrials.

On Sunday, Fox News host Maria Bartiromo asked Trump about his views on UFOs, and asked him why the Department of Defense has set up a UFO task force.

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“Well, I’m going to have to check on that. I mean, I’ve heard that. I heard that two days ago. So I’ll check on that. I’ll take a good, strong look at that,” replied Trump.

He soon started talking about the country’s powerful military and weaponry. As the president talked about the military as a reply to a query related to aliens, several social media users have started claiming that the president’s words are an indirect threat to aliens planning to invade the planet.

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“I will tell you this, we now have created a military the likes of which we’ve never had before, in terms of equipment. The equipment that we have, the weapons that we have, and hopefully — hope to god we never have to use them. Russia, China, they’re all envious of what we’ve had. All built in the USA, we’ve rebuilt it, $2.5trn. As far as the other question, I’ll have to check on it. I heard about it two days ago actually,” added Trump.