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Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on July 1, announced that the State will roll out the ‘Dream Kerala Project’ to tap into the potential and experience of the Pravasi Malayalees returning back.
The Chief Minister said, “The Pravasi Malayalees are the key contributors to the economic growth of Kerala. One of the main reasons for the high per capita income in the State is the remittances sent by these expatriates. The Government has taken several steps to utilize the investments of Non-Resident Investors for the development of the State and to ensure a stable income for the returning expatriates. The Lok Kerala Sabha was established with the objective of harnessing the knowledge and skills of the NRIs for the development of Kerala. In addition, the government has taken several steps to ensure the welfare of the returning expatriates. But the Covid pandemic has created a crisis with business and commercial enterprises being affected. More people are returning home after losing their jobs and in this situation, the Cabinet has decided to implement the ‘Dream Kerala project.”
The project aims the rehabilitation of returning expatriates and the overall development of the state. There are a large number of professionals coming back to Kerala from overseas and other parts of the country. They are well-known for their international expertise and experience in various occupations. The project also aims to harness their potential for the future of the state. The project, to be jointly implemented by various departments of the state government, will provide the public with an opportunity to give suggestions and ideas on the future of Kerala. A committee consisting of young civil service officers will be formed to give expert advice on the implementation of each idea. The expert committee will evaluate the proposals and recommend this to the respective departments.
The Chief Minister also announced a schedule for the implementation of the project. The Dream Kerala Campaign Ideathon will be held from July 15 to 30, 2020; the Sectoral Hackathon from August 1 to 10; the presentation of selected projects in virtual assembly on August 14; the Project execution would be 100 days and the project must be completed before November 15, 2020
A steering committee will be formed for this purpose with the Chief Minister as its Chairman. Dr. K. M. Abraham will head a panel of experts for the implementation of the projects.

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