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A Dubai-based banker, Retesh James Gupta, has been honoured by Dubai Police for his honesty. Despite being between jobs then, the 37-year-old Kolkata native returned a bag containing $14,000 (Dh51,492) in cash, gold jewellery worth Dh200,000 and three American passports to its owner.
Brigadier Yousef Abdullah Salim Al Adidi, Director of Al Qusais Police Station, honoured Retesh with a certificate of appreciation. Retesh is thrilled with the recognition from Dubai Police, which studiously honours such acts of honesty by residents.

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Retesh lives in Dubai with his wife Aparupa and three-year-old son Vivaan. He had found the backpack containing the valuables on his car bonnet when he returned from a salon in Al Qusais near the Metro station after 10.30 pm. Though he waited for half an hour expecting someone to come and claim the bag, no one turned up. He then opened the bag to check for any identity or contact details, and was bewildered to see cash and valuables in the bag.

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So Retesh drove to the Al Qusais Police Station and handed the bag over to the police officer on duty, who took his contact details. The next day, the owner of the bag, a Bangladeshi American, called home and thanked him profusely. They could not meet as he was travelling back to the United States. He had come to Dubai with his family to visit his parents residing here.

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Soon Retesh got a new job offer from a bank, which he believes is a “reward from God in difficult times”, Gulf News reported.

In December 2019, Abhishek Nad Gobindhan, a bus driver with Dubai RTA, was rewarded for his honesty by Dubai Police. He had found Dh20,000 after passengers left the bus and handed it over to the Naif Police Station.