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Dubai Tourism has come up with a new feature for users of web and video conferencing apps that are now popular in the country. They can download free images showcasing the beauty and diversity of Dubai’s destinations and use them as their backdrop, announced the emirate’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, Dubai Tourism.
Users can download the ‘Free Dubai Backgrounds for Video Calls’ and use them as virtual settings while using video conferencing apps such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Webex, which have been made free during the pandemic to aid work from home and e-learning. It allows users a creative way of ensuring privacy or hiding the clutter or a messy surrounding by replacing it with a beautiful scenery or landmark of Dubai.
The range of destination images include stunning skylines, sunset scenes and sea views, as well as global landmarks like the Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab, and activities showcasing the city’s vibrant cultural life.
The Department has also created a fun digital activity that allows children and adults to download colouring sheets featuring popular Dubai attractions.
In a statement, the Department said, “With the world’s business ecosystem embracing a virtual environment due to the global pandemic and more people working from home, Dubai Tourism has stepped in to help make remote communication and collaboration a truly immersive and positive experience.”
Department CEO Issam Kazim said, “With many individuals and families continuing to spend hours online, we hope these virtual effects will serve to keep the city top-of-mind among travellers and encourage users to make Dubai their destination of choice.”
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