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Every citizen has a crucial role in preventing the community spread of COVID-19, says Dr. Amar Fettel, COVID-19, H1N1 State Nodal Officer. He said that those who are violating the COVID protocols and Quarantine rules are not only putting their own lives, but also that of their family as well as the entire society at risk.

Speaking at the Facebook LIVE programme organised by Regional Outreach Bureau, under Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Dr. Fettel said the only way to avoid community spread is to comply the simple rules of ‘Break the Chain’ which include proper wearing of masks, hand washing and social distancing. He said if need arises for testing of COVID-19, contact the DISHA Call centre of Health department (O471 2552056 & 1056- Toll free) and proceed accordingly. Dr. Fettel said eating good food, which contains more vegetables and fruits and avoiding over stressing of the body will raise the immunity level. Yoga, meditation, prayer, most liked hobbies etc can be followed as per one’s choice to avoid mental stress.

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State Nodal Officer pointed out that it is those who disobey the COVID protocols and violate quarantine rules, turns out to be super spreaders of the pandemic. He pointed out that if the cases increase rapidly in a very short time, the state will not be able to bear the load in spite of very extensive planning and preparedness. Strict compliance of regulations prescribed by the authorities should be complied without any fault.

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In the one-hour long face book live programme, Dr. Amar Fettel answered queries from netizens related to basic steps to keep away the virus, proper wearing of masks, home quarantine, reverse quarantine, disinfecting of things purchased from shops, etc. Mrs. K.A. Beena, Deputy Director, Regional Outreach Bureau moderated the programme.