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Web desk 07/06/2020

A total of 4,316 samples were sent for inspection during the last 24 hours to detect and prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Kerala.
So far, samples of 83,875 individuals (including the augmented sample) have been sent for testing. Of the 79,957 samples available for testing, the results were negative.

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In addition, 22,324 samples were collected from priority groups, such as health workers, guest workers, social workers, as part of the sentinel survey, and 20,362 samples were negative. A total of 1,11,930 samples were examined, including 5,731 repeat samples.

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On June 7 there were six new hot spots. The new hot spots are Eruveshi in Kannur district, Udayagiri, Mangattidam, Kuttiyur, Koduvayoor in Palakkad district and Panamaram in Wayanad district. There are currently 144 hot spots. The Department of Health said it would coordinate activities in the hotspots more vigilantly.