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Film director Vidhu Vincent has ended her journey with Women in Cinema Collective. In her Facebook post she announced that she is stepping down from WCC due to personal and political reasons. She said that she will continue to support WCC in all its future endeavours to help women make movies and create a woman-friendly atmosphere both inside and outside the cinema.
“I extend my support to all agreeable efforts of WCC to help women make movies, create a women-friendly atmosphere in the world of cinema and outside of it. I also hope the organisation strengthens itself further through self-criticism in the journey forward. As someone who has informed the media often about WCC’s stands on various matters, I hope the media would take this as an announcement.”
The WCC is yet to respond to Vidhu’s resignation.
The State Award winner has been on the forefront of WCC. Formed in May 2017, WCC is an organisation that addresses problems faced by women in Malayalam film industry. Vidhu’s latest directorial venture was ‘Stand up’ starring Nimisha Sajayan and Rajisha Vijayan

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