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For the 10th consecutive day, fuel prices were hiked in the country. Petrol price was hiked by 47 paise and diesel by 54 paise. In the span of 10 days, the petrol price has been hiked by Rs.5.47 per litre and diesel by Rs.5.49.

The fuel prices in India were being hiked as crude oil price in the international market are falling.

The State government had written to the Central government requesting for withdrawing the fuel price hike. There is a fear that the continued rise in fuel prices will lead to prices of essential commodities increasing.

If this trend continues unhindered there is the possibility that the prices of diesel and petrol would reach between Rs.80 per litre to Rs.85 per litre within the next three months, experts say.

The continued fuel price hike would seriously affect the common people who are already facing financial difficulties following the lockdown, they say.

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