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Global Village, the UAE’s leading family destination for culture, shopping, and entertainment, concluded its Silver Jubilee Season in a spectacular way on May 2. Its aim of breaking 25 Guinness World Records to honour the milestone anniversary became a reality as the 25th title was claimed in style on the concluding day. The final title was the “Highest altitude skydiving fireworks display”, giving a successful finishing touch to a memorable season extended by a month for the first time.

Global Village partnered with Skydive Dubai to break the record. Twenty skydivers jumped from an altitude of more than 15,000 feet, lighting the skies with 78 fireworks representing the 78 cultures present in Global Village during the 25th season.

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Once the evidence was validated, the Guinness World Record official presented Bader Anwahi, CEO of Global Village, with the 25th certificate of the Season. Anwahi then pressed the Global Village Fireworks Button to launch the final display of the Season.

“It is an incredible milestone to be the first brand in the MENA region to break 25 world records, many of which were dedicated to good causes including donation campaigns, online pledges, and distributing food packages to charities,” said a Global Village official.

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Global Village earlier created a mosaic that read “100,000,000 meals,” using 2,500 lanterns, in support of the national campaign launched by the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives (MBRGI).

100 Million Meals aims to provide disadvantaged communities across the Middle East with food parcels and enable less fortunate people to cook and prepare their own meals throughout Ramadan.

The lanterns used to create the 100,000,000 meals message were distributed to Global Village guests free of charge.

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It also claimed the record for “Most people in a video relay holding a sign” as part of a larger internal campaign to promote vaccination for staff and partners in March. Over 60 members of the Global Village family joined a video call to promote the vaccination drive. In keeping with Global Village’s support for a healthier, COVID-free UAE, each participant held up a sign that read, ‘I’m Vaccinated. Are You?’

Global Village will return for Season 26 in October 2021.