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School-assessed grades and not the final Grade XII board results will be the criteria that universities in Dubai will adopt to accept students for the new academic year beginning in September 2021. School-assessed grades include those derived in model or pre-board exams, as well as scores granted by individual teachers.

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Board exams such as those for CBSE and ICSE Grade 12 have been postponed owing to the spike in COVID cases in India. The exams are to be held, if at all, after the COVID situation is “reviewed” on June 1. Since the Grade 12 Boards have been postponed, the results could be published as late as September.

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Michael Lawson, Regional Director – Recruitment, Herriot-Watt University Dubai, said that if a student is unable to maintain the school-assessed grades in the final results awarded by the board, the university “would neither downgrade nor retract our study offer”.

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Other varsity heads also said that predicted grades will be considered alongside other information and results that universities will be able to get from students and their schools.