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Web desk 07/06/2020

The Department of Health has put in place integrated mosquito control programmes for the prevention and control of dengue.

The Ministry of Health is conducting an integrated mosquito control program under the aegis of the Health Department for the prevention and control of dengue fever from June 8 to 12, Health Minister KK Shailaja said.

The Minister said that an integrated mosquito control programme is being implemented to reduce mosquito susceptibility by simultaneously eliminating the source of mosquitoes, the destruction of larvae through chemical and biological means, and spraying and fogging.

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Two volunteers will be selected from each of the 50 homes under the leadership of the Ward-level Health and Sanitation Committees, who will visit houses on June 8 and 9, inspect the home and exterior, and determine if mosquitoes are growing.
Under the aegis of householders, water container containers, shells, cups, plastic covers and tires will be identified and destroyed with the help of a green army.

The water tanks, the wells and vent pipes should be covered with a net. Larvicides should be poured into water bodies that cannot be drained or disposed of, or larvae-eating guppies deposited in it.

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In addition to this, spraying and fogging will be used to kill mosquitoes inside the houses in areas where dengue has been reported.

During home visits, mosquito sources, personal safety measures, and dry days will be educated. On June 10, an integrated mosquito control program will be held at gardens, building sites, owners and local bodies, and at 11am on public places, uninhabited areas and guest worker residences.

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If any person or entity objected to these activities, legal action will be taken in accordance with the law on infectious diseases.

Health workers and volunteers should be careful when under taking these tasks and use mask for COVID-19 prevention, to wash their hands frequently with soap and water or a sanitiser, and to maintain social distance.