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The division bench of Kerala High Court on June 12 stayed the order of a single judge bench allowing private bus operators to collect the increased fare from passengers, in view of the COVID-19 situation. The Single Bench of the High Court had stayed the government’s order to reduce the increased charges.

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However, the High Court Division Bench upheld the appeal filed by the Government and stayed the order of the Single Bench.

The Private Bus Owners’ Association had approached the High Court asking them not to reduce the hike.

This is why the High Court single bench ordered ticket prices not to be reduced. The government appealed to the High Court.

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The government has informed the High Court that the ticket fare has been increased by 50 per cent due to the situation of COVID.
Tax on bus owners has been waived for three months. Justice Ramachandran Committee is reviewing the increase in ticket, the government said.

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The government has said that under the Motor Traffic Act, the government has the right to decide on charges including charge hike and it is not right for the court to intervene in the matter.