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India has revoked landing permits issued to UAE-based private jets flying Indian expatriates stuck back in India, days after it stopped UAE airlines from chartering repatriation flights to India, Gulf News reported.
The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) stopped issuing landing permits and cancelled the already approved ones for private jets from the UAE on July 7. Permission issued to UAE-based private jets scheduled to fly back UAE residents from India on July 8, 9 and 10 were revoked until further notice, they said.
The DGCA reportedly informed aviation companies that any UAE private jet that comes with a cancelled permit to India would be confiscated.
Many people who have flown on business jets included desperate people who were afraid of losing their jobs. Some have even had to sell valuables to find money for the travel so that they could return to their workplaces or risk job loss.
Private jets, usually 8- 14 seaters, charge anywhere between $24000 to $40,000 from various cities in India to the Gulf. A source told Gulf Indians that passengers on a chartered private jet from Kochi to Dubai with 13 seats paid AED12,000 per head. More such flights were to follow when the DGCA dealt this blow.

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