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Indian Army convoy moves along a highway leading to Ladakh, at Gagangeer

As tensions in the border escalate, the Northern Command has revealed that the army is fully equipped to combat any attacks. The Indian Army claimed that the force is ready for war even in winters in eastern Ladakh.

The army warned that China will face a better trained and better prepared Indian army if they try to lock horns. The statement issued by the army also revealed that Indian soldiers are physically and psychologically strong when compared to Chinese men who hail mostly from urban areas.

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The comments from the Northern Command come at a time when China’s communist party-backed Global Times published a report regarding the incapability of the Indian army. Global Times had reported that India’s operational logistics is not adequately geared up, especially if a war breaks out in the winter.

“This can be best attributed to ignorance. Indian Army is fully prepared and more than capable of fighting full-fledged war even in winters in Eastern Ladakh. India is a peace-loving country, and wishes to have a good relationship with neighbors. While talks are in progress to resolve the border issues with China in eastern Ladakh, at the military level, the country is highly prepared for a standoff,” said a Northern Command spokesperson.

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The spokesperson also added that Indian soldiers are well experienced in winter warfare, and made it clear that they are all psychologically tuned to start operation at a short notice. Moreover, India also has a large number of airbases which can be used effectively to assist the army during the time of war.

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According to the Northern Command spokesperson, the strength of the Indian Army has started worrying Chinese soldiers, and this is now getting visible in reports published in Chinese media.