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Safoora Zargar

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The Delhi High Court on Tuesday granted bail to Jamia Millia University student Safoora Zargar,after the police said they had no objection to her release on “humanitarian grounds”.

Zargar, 27, was pregnant when she was arrested on April 10 on conspiracy charges over the riots that broke out in February during protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act. She was granted bail but rearrested on more severe charges under the Unlawful Activities(Prevention) Act. Her arrest and incarceration provoked strong condemnation from students and activists.Since Zargar was 23 weeks pregnant,concern had been expressed about her health and safety in Tihar Jail due to Covid-19 pandemic.

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The Delhi High Court directed Safoora Zargar to not get involved in activities that may hamper the investigation.She also cannot leave Delhi without permission.Ms.Zargar has to stay in touch with an Investigating Officer on the phone at least once in 15 days and also furnish a personal bond of Rs.10,000.