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Even when offices are closed and people are kept under observation in Kerala even if one person is infected with COVID-19, the Government is the least concerned about the safety of 150 office staff and other workers in Kerala House in New Delhi, where one worker did and another was confirmed with the disease.

The office staff were summoned and the house pantry was opened.

The facility has centralised air conditioning. The person who was confirmed with COVID-19 and his brother had come into contact with many staff members in Kerala House. The government is not giving much importance to the safety and care of the staff there

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The COVID-19 situation in Delhi is turning critical  with even stadiums being converted into hospitals. People with other diseases are not being admitted in hospitals in the national capital.

There are a total of 150 staff including 30 Secretariat and 120 other staff members in Kerala House. A majority are living along with their family on the premises. They include pregnant women, infants, elderly parents and ailing. They are living under the threat of imminent death.

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The guest house in Kerala House is no longer functioning as there are no guests coming there. Until the situation in Delhi turns normal no guests are likely to arrive. Kerala House is now functioning to cook food for almost 10 officers living in the officers flat on the Kerala House premises. That too all the 150 staff members working with 100 per cent attendance.

On June 4, a sweeper in Kerala House had died of fever. Although he went to five hospitals none admitted him. He died without getting any medical help. The wife of a NORKA official in Kerala House has also been confirmed with corona.

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The special representative in Delhi A. Sampath and three staff members in his office had fled to Kerala fearing for their lives.

The Kerala Secretariat Association has appealed to the Chief Minister and the Secretary, Public Administration to shut down Kerala House and to let the interested staff members to return to their home town or deputed to COVID related duties in their own local self-government institutions.