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Kerala Assembly Speaker P. Sreeramakrishnan visited the office of Kite-Victers to see for himself the shooting of ‘First Bell’, the lessons being transmitted through the channel and online as well.

He exchanged ideas with the teachers and experts who are conductiong online classes. He said that digital democracy, which is an idea, should become a reality. Digital citizenship becomes a reality through digital democracy.

Even though COVID times have dealt blow to the people and the economy, it has led to positive changes in society, he said. Conducting online lessons is a new experience for the children and it was a new beginning. It is opening up new opportunities for the digital world for Kerala. This will throw up many potential opportunities in the service sector, he said. The speaker, who is also a teacher, wished the initiative all success

Kites CEO K. Anwar Sadat, Curriculum committee member K.C. Harikrishnan and Senior Content Editor K. Manoj Kumar were present during the visit.


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