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Web desk 08/06/2020
Kerala’s Department of Health has started the anti-body test to determine and dispel suspicion that there has been any communal spread in the state. In the first phase, 10,000 samples are to be examined.
The Indian Council for Medical Research has sanctioned 10,000 kits for testing. Various areas will be inspected at different stages after segmentation. The specialty of the test is that if there is any virus in the body, the result would turn positive.
The specialty of the antibody kit is that it can show the result within 20 minutes. The Antibody Test will be a priority for those who come from the Containment Zone, health workers, policemen, guest workers, policemen who interact with the public, workers in local self-government bodies, and households. Pregnant women and persons over 60 years of age will also be screened.
In the meantime, the Disaster Management is also preparing for community outreach. The Department has ordered houses and buildings to be converted into quarantine centers in case of increasing numbers of people. If necessary, such centers will be set up within 48 hours.
On June 7 there were six new hot spots. The new hot spots are Eruveshi in Kannur district, Udayagiri, Mangattidam, Kuttiyur, Koduvayoor in Palakkad district and Panamaram in Wayanad district. There are currently 144 hot spots. The Department of Health said it would coordinate activities in the hotspots more vigilantly

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