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It was in 2018 that the Me Too movement that originated from Hollywood reached India when Tanushree Dutta revealed the bitter experiences she faced from Nana Patekar. Soon, Me Too movement gained popularity in all regional film industries in India, and several top actors and filmmakers were accused of exploiting female co-stars with whom they work with.


Even though no legal action was taken against most of these celebrities, all of them faced heavy backlash on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. And now, after two years of the movement, Indian model Dimple Paul, popularly known as Paula has shared the painful experiences she faced from filmmaker Sajid Khan. Paula alleged that Sajid Khan is a sexual predator who targeted her when she was just 17 years old.

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According to Paula, Sajid Khan molested her during the audition of Housefull. She alleged that the filmmaker had asked her to strip in front of him to get a role in the movie. “Before democracy dies and there is no freedom of speech anymore I thought I should speak!” said Paula.

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Paula’s revelations have already gone viral on social media platforms, and #ArrestSajidKhan has started to trend on Twitter. Most of the netizens allege that people like Sajid Khan who is the brother of Farah Khan has strong connections in the police department, and that is why he is roaming freely even after committing all sorts of sexual perversion.

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This is not the first time that an actress is complaining about Sajid Khan’s sexual acts. A few months back, Ahaana Khumra alleged that Sajid had asked her inappropriate questions when they met for some work.