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The number of COVID-19 patients in India crossed 3 lakhs. In the last 24 hours 11,458 people were confirmed with the disease to a total of 3.08 lakhs. On June 12 alone 386 COVID positive people died in various States. With that the total number of deaths from COVID-19 reached 8,884.

The data with the Central Health Ministry revealed that 1.45 lakh people were cured of COVID-19 and 1.54 lakh people were under treatment.  With the number of people affected with coronavirus increasing day by day, India is now in the fourth position globally in the number of patients.

On June 12 3,493 people were confirmed with COVID-19 in Maharashtra with the total number of patients in the State crossing one lakh. The total number of people who died from the disease in the State was 3,717. In Delhi, the number of people confirmed with the disease on a day crossed 2,000 on June 12 with 2,137 people contracting the virus taking the total number of infected to 36,824. 1,214 people died in the State.

In Tamil Nadu, 40,698 were confirmed with COVID-19 and 367 people have died. On June 12, 18 people died and 1,479 people were confirmed with the disease. In Gujarat, the total number of people infected went up to 22,562 and 1,416 people lost their lives.

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