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DUBAI 08/06/2020

Expatriate workers in Oman will not face a two-year work ban in the Sultanate if they switch jobs from one company to another, provided they furnish proof that their work contract has ended or they have been terminated. The decision, issued by the Royal Oman Police on June 7, will be published in the Official Gazette and implemented in January 2021.

Lieutenant General Hassan Bin Mohsin Al Shraiqi, Inspector-General of Police and Customs, announced that some provisions of the executive regulations of the Law on the Residence of Foreigners will be amended.

Article No 1 says: “Article 24 of the executive regulations of the Law on the Residence of Foreigners is replaced by the following text: “It is permissible for a foreigner to transfer from one employer to another, provided the employer has a licence to recruit workers, on condition that they provide proof of the end of work contract or termination of it. They must also provide evidence of the approval of the competent government authority on allowing the signed contract with the second employer and it must be in accordance with the controls set by the competent authority. “The transfer of an expat’s residency shall result in the transfer of the residence of his family members to the second employer, if the conditions necessary for his residency are met.”

He said that until the procedures for transferring the residence are completed, the first employer will be responsible with regard to everything related to the residence of the expatriate.

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