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kadakam minister

Web desk 09/06/2020

If the Union Minister of State for External Affairs V. Muralidharan was unaware of the Union Government’s decision for opening temples and other places of worship I have only sympathy for him, said Dewasom Minister Kadakampally Surendran.

He was replying to the Union Minister’s statement on reopening the places of worship. The minister should not be deriding the state government without knowing the facts. If Muraleedharan was not present at the Union Cabinet meeting, he should get to know the decisions taken then.
The decision to open places of worship was made by the central government. The Government of Kerala was in no hurry to implement the decision, the minister said.

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Mr. Surendran said the decision was taken in consultation with religious leaders and Hindu group leaders.
The central government had included places of worship in the list of institutions that can be opened on May 30. Following which consultations were held with various religious leaders, Devaswom leaders, leaders and others on June 4. NSS and SNDP leaders were also invited for the talks.
The Center had on June 4 given instructions to be followed at the places of worship when they open.

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The Opposition is hoping for polarisation in the issue as in Sabarimala, Mr. Surendran said.