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Parvathy Thiruvoth

Parvathy, actress and founding member of Women in Cinema Collective has responded to the charges made against the collective by the former member and filmmaker Vidhu Vincent.

Initially, Parvathy shared a pic, quoted a few lines of Albert Camus.

When questions started to pour in asking why Women in Cinema Collective(WCC) has not responded yet about the matter, Parvathy said, “WCC has and will always stand by women and their progress.”

She further said, “We are collective and we have organisational conduct in which we reach out, discuss and resolve. And we do that in a dignified manner…My solidarity post on my personal profile is my choice.” She also said that there were ‘bigger games’ behind these.

When netizens asked her for an explanation, she mentioned, “You know the games men play with women. Time will tell. Let’s just not trust rumors and keep doing our work.”

Apart from Vidhu Vincent, costume designer Stephy Zaviour, who is not a WCC member had expressed her displeasure over the conduct of a few prominent members of the association.

For those celebrating the end of WCC through several social media post by calling out on women’s nature and feminist movements, should understand that dissent is normal. If there is a serious issue the organisation should introspect and examine the allegations.

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