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On October 17, residents in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh were shocked to see a humanoid object flying across the skies in a creepy manner. Several people soon started speculating that an alien from a distant space body has visited the earth to monitor human activities.


After hovering in the skies for several minutes, the alleged UFO finally landed in a canal near Bhatta Parasul village. As people gathered around the flying object, police rushed to the area, and discovered that the UFO that perplexed thousands was actually a balloon in the shape of Marvel’s Iron Man.

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Anil Kumar Pandey,  Dankur SHO, said that the discovered object was actually a balloon filled with air. He said that several people misunderstood this balloon as an extraterrestrial alien.

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“It was shaped like the Ironman given its colour and design. This was an unusual sight so some people even thought that it was an alien and were apprehensive,” said Pandey.

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Police have now started an investigation to find the person who floated the balloon in the air. However, Pandey made it clear that there was nothing harmful in the object.