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Entrepreneurial skill can be developed with the help of your innermost soul. The problem with education and society today is that most people are unable to go into the depth of their mind. Most of the time our mind is like a ship sinking in deep waters. If one could explore one’s own mind the whole world shall be revealed to you. It will help to keep your fears at bay.
What stops a man from going into the depths of his mind is the fear about the self. It is fear that stops any one from digging deeper into one’s own mind. What is fear? It is the fear of self and what is this fear of self? If I start digging deeper into my inner self and start acting according to my conscience, I may lose money and my life may fall apart. If I act accordingly, I may lose my job and it will affect all my relationship. If I work according to what I desire, I will also have to forgo all love from people close to me. People who respect me will start regarding me as someone unworthy of it.
So who am I? I am somebody who considers myself as a noble person and my feeling of such nobleness are validated by people around me. If I act according to what my inner self directs me to, people will see me as a bad individual and I will be completely lost. But I don’t want to lose all that. This is what is termed as fear. If any person can overcome this fear, then he will get the oxygen to go into the depth of his mind.
People who are able to overcome such sense of fear psychosis start experiencing risky things in life. Those who imbibe lessons from every experience drive better the next day. Those who risks driving the next day, drive faster and finally they come to be at peace with the inner self.
Satisfying the inner self can be different for different people. For someone like me, satisfaction in life is to be a contributor to the world. That is my motive. For some others it may be just catering to their ego that they have created a big organisation and through this entity, they are serving people and that many people work for them. Since they provide jobs to many people they are respected. As they had created reputed companies they consider themselves as leaders.
As far as I am considered, I don’t see myself as a leader, neither do I want to become a model for others. All I want to do is to provide meticulous service to the world. My motto is to live for social grace, and do the best for everyone. I took up education and healthcare as my path in life. When I started this long journey my capital was zero, but my confidence was 100 per cent. So zero capital and 100 per cent confidence made me what I am today.
If I ask myself, what makes one an entrepreneur, it is someone who has overcome all fears in life. He or she is someone who is cautious and aware… these are the two qualities that will chase him as he goes into the depth of his mind. The first quality an entrepreneur needs is a curiosity to learn, an egoless curiosity. He shouldn’t think of who he is, nor should he think of himself as a big person. He should be willing to learn even from a child. Such learning comes when you have humility. Humility is the first quality an entrepreneur needs to have as he goes deep into his mind.
The second quality is giving a patient hearing to feedback, honest feedback. Love people who criticise you. Try to listen to everyone’s feedback. Do not get carried away by what you hear. Good feedback will benefit you if you rectify your faults and help you think with clarity. Clarity in your thoughts will help you make your tomorrow for yourself. In your journey as an entrepreneur, two pillars work very closely — following feedbacks and learning from everyone.
But an entrepreneur has distinctive characteristics. The moment fear disappears what he builds up is faith. Faith about himself that he can do things. ‘I don’t have money, I don’t have a connection, I don’t have anything, but I can do, I will do till I breathe the last’. When such a thought invades your cognitive senses, you are changing. The thought process that ‘I can do’ is faith. When that faith comes into one’s conscience, an entrepreneur needs one more thing. The faith that ‘I can do’ is attached to belief. When ‘faith’ and ‘belief’ become one, you have reached an interesting turning point in your life.
What you create with the faith and belief is a dream. People are full of dreams, hopes, expectations and thoughts about tomorrow. But an entrepreneur’s tomorrow is whatever he thinks of tomorrow, and whatever he dreams of tomorrow is a firm dream. A dream backed by faith and belief.
So, who is an entrepreneur? He is somebody who is firm on his dream backed by faith and belief. If these three converge in you, you will be immediately changing into an entrepreneur and you are the least bothered about success or fame. An entrepreneur is someone who thinks ‘if I can’t achieve my dream someone will hire me to achieve his dream’. This is what Dhirubhai Ambani said once, “If I don’t pursue my dreams, somebody will hire me to fulfil his dreams.” This is how entrepreneurs develop and they have a totally different mind-set… and that is to create what they believe in. The aims of entrepreneurs are different. There are entrepreneurs who create something for their own fame but then there are entrepreneurs who create something as a service to the world. And these two come from entirely different groups.
I respect people who are willing to contribute to the world because they don’t identify themselves as their creations, they see only the organisation, the company they created. All that they do is always in the best interest of the organisation or company. They merge their self with the company. They eat, live and breathe the company. They work with everyone in the company. Because what company delivers is what matters for them. And such companies live long. Such entrepreneurs have a clear vision that lights up the path for such companies.
The other sort of entrepreneurs set up companies that think otherwise and act for their own fame. When the particular individual passes away, the company goes down with him. It might get divided, broken, and disappear. I respect the first one because the entity lives on but person changes.

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