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What brings an entrepreneur into the world? We are left wondering when we meet or read about people who are immensely rich and hobnob with the rich and famous.
Many of us, who were top students, often the top of the batch in school, maybe even a state rank holder, often wonder how we have not become rich despite working hard. We come face-to-face with this crisis when we run into an old classmate who was never too good in studies, whom teachers never give much credit or appreciation, but has become so rich and successful in life. When we were in school we thought that our ‘dumb’ classmates, who were wandering around without studying, would never beat us in life as we are studious. The school system, teachers and community as a whole had introduced that thought into our subconscious mind.
This is perhaps the biggest flaw of our school system. A school should always treat every child – good, bad, studious, dumb, intelligent, well-behaved and even the autistic – equally. As a studious student we scored good marks through school and professional college. Landed a dream job, won good employee award and got plum posting. We get married, build a house, buy a car and life goes on, happily, we thought. Until we meet an old classmate, who was just average in studies, as a rich and successful businessman. He is today a banyan tree that offers shelter to many people under its shade. You are left confused. How did he become so successful in life? How did his life turnout so well despite not doing well academically?
Where did he acquire these skills of an entrepreneur? How did he grow up as a business man? How did someone who was so weak in even simple arithmetic manage to come to all this wealth? He now owns big buildings, has acquired so many cars, has so many people working under him, taking orders from him. He, who did not have the means to even buy proper clothes, has become so wealthy. How did this happen?
Most people come up with so many theories to justify the rags-to-riches life stories of a select few. Did he fall into bad ways? Is this drug money or did he win a lottery? We need to justify our own mediocre existence after doing well academically. Did he marry into a rich family? Are these all his father-in-law’s money. Or maybe he cheated his partner and took over his company and started spending on all this. He is a big show off. He doesn’t save but waste all his money on cars and houses. We need to convince ourselves that we are better off. Do we ever care to look into the classmate’s or batch mate’s tough life before he put his skills to acquire his riches?
A businessman does not acquire entrepreneurial skills from school or college. Nor does he inherit it from his parents. You cannot acquire such skills even if you have money, nor does it come with your networking skills. So where does it come from?
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