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Prithviraj Sukumaran, the rising Superstar in Mollywood is facing a social media attack after he shared the second poster of his upcoming movie ‘Kaduva’ which is being directed by hitmaker Shaji Kailas. The comments from social media users indicate that they are totally irked with the launch of this movie, as the makers have recently obtained an injunction from the court to stall the making of Suresh Gopi’s 250th film citing copyright issues.

Kaduvakkunnel Karuvachan creates issues

Interestingly, the characters in both movies have the same names, and the makers of ‘Kaduva’ alleged that the director of SG 250 has stolen the script and the premise from their movie. However, Renji Panicker has recently claimed that the character of Kaduvakkunnel Karuvachan was originally developed by him long back in 2001 for the movie ‘Vyaagram’. However, this movie which was planned with Mohanlal in the lead role failed to take off.

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As Prithviraj shared the second look poster of ‘Kaduva’ on his Facebook page, a section of social media users started lashing out at the actor stating that they wish to see Suresh Gopi in this firebrand role. These social media users also claimed that Prithviraj Sukumaran is not grown enough to pull off mass roles with ease on screen.

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Mollywood awaits Shaji Kailas’ comeback

‘Kaduva’ marks the comeback of Shaji Kailas in Mollywood after a long hiatus of seven years. It was in 2013 that ‘Ginger’, Shaji Kailas’ previous Malayalam movie hit the theaters. Even though the film was released with a decent hype, it literally bombed at the box-office.

Later, Mollywood was dominated by a swarm of realistic movies, and Shaji Kailas failed to fetch projects that meet his taste. Now, the mass movie maker is planning to make a strong comeback through ‘Kaduva’, which is expected to be an in and out commercial entertainer.

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On the other hand, Prithviraj Sukumaran has recently wrapped up the shooting of his upcoming movie ‘Aadujeevitham’ which is being directed by Blessy. The film is basically a survival drama, and it is based on Benyamin’s novel of the same name.