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Sixty-three more Shramik Special Trains have been requisitioned by seven states including Kerala, after Chairman Railway Board’s letter to the States. Kerala has requisitioned for 32 trains while Tamil Nadu has asked for 10 trains, Jammu and Kashmir nine trains, Karnataka six trains, Andhra Pradesh three trains, Gujarat one train, and West Bengal two trains.
Chairman Railway Board wrote letters to the States on May 29, June 3 and June 9 regarding special trains and emphasised that “Indian Railways will provide the desired number of Shramik Special trains immediately within 24 hours of the request”, according to a press release by the Press Information Bureau.
Railway Ministry also requested State Governments to indicate their requirements about Shramik Special Trains. So far, more than 4,277 Shramik Special Services have been operated by Indian Railways to transport approximately 60 lakh people to their destination states. Shramik Special Trains are being run since May 1, 2020.

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