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After Shamna Kasim’s mother filed a case on June 24 in Kochi against six people for allegedly threatening the star in an attempt to extort money, the police team reportedly arrested the main accused, Muhammed Shareef, who is the mastermind behind the crime, along with six others. Rafique who faked his identity and approached the actor with a marriage proposal is another major player in the crime. Now as per latest reports, the police will be recording Shamna Kasim’s statement today in the extortion case.

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Shamna, who has been filming in Hyderabad, will be reaching Kochi today to give her statement. As she was filming in Hyderabad, the actor will have to be under quarantine as per guidelines and hence the police will be recording the statement online, through video conferencing.

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The whole incident came to light when Shamna’s family filed a complaint. As per reports, the accused approached the actress’ family with a marriage proposal before the lockdown. The con artists claimed that they are from a well-known respectable family from Kozhikode. After developing close connections with the family through phone calls, the group visited Shamna Kasim’s home, captured pictures and videos of the star’s home, and later threatened her and demanded Rs 1 lakh as per the complaint.

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The police suspect that the accused are members of a thriving gold smuggling and sex-racket based in Kochi.