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Thiruvananthapuran Member of Parliament Shashi Tharoor has stated that it was quite unfortunate that Poonthura has become the centre of a COVID-19‬ controversy in the district and that problems erupted in a most unfortunate manner on July 10 and 11.

“I condemn the unpleasant incident that occurred yesterday at Poonthura against our selfless health workers, who are risking their own lives to save others. It is our responsibility as a society to protect them and provide them a safe working environment. What happened was regrettable.”

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“It is equally wrong to discriminate against or isolate our fellow citizens in Poonthura, mostly fisherfolk who braved their lives to save many during the 2018 Kerala floods. We need to support them in order to help them cope with the stress& pressure of the current situation, he said in a Facebook post.

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The MP appealed to the State government to ensure the segregation of positive cases ward-wise (Poonthura, Manikyavilakom, Beemapalli, Ambalathara etc). urgently. Mr. Tharoor called for the proper care for patients according to the ‪COVID-19‬ protocol. The authorities should communicate with the people effectively to clear misunderstandings.

He also called for compassionate behaviour and supportive approach from the police, supply of essential items using mobile Maveli Stores during specified timings, including facility for mobile ATMs and the distribution of provision kits for people who live on daily subsistence.

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“I also renew my earlier appeal to the authorities to convert the old airport building in Shankumugham into a ‪COVID-19‬ facility for the affected people of Poonthura and other nearby coastal villages rather than transporting them to Varkala.