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Gender reveals are not a new phenomenon, and the trend has seen an increase in popularity in recent years. Instead of being content with finding the gender of their expected bundle of joy at an ultrasound appointment, many parents host parties to celebrate the surprise with friends and family.

Dubai social media influencers Anas and Asala Marwah, who have a family YouTube channel called Anasala Family, went a step further to announce the gender of their second child – they hosted the gender reveal party at the iconic Burj Khalifa and, after an animated countdown, had the world’s tallest tower light up blue to reveal they were going to have a baby boy. They were surrounded by a few family members and friends during the reveal.

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The couple reportedly did not know whether they were expecting a boy or girl as the Burj Khalifa flashed pink and blue in the build-up to the big reveal.

The YouTube video, which has so far reached over 10 million views, of the event also shared behind-the-scenes clips with their 7.54 million subscribers. The couple said they had been working on this party for over a month and a half.

“We wanted to do something unique and memorable so that we can all look at it in the future and remember what we built as a family,” Asala told viewers.

The couple’s first child was born in 2018.

Although the influential couple, who both have YouTube followers in the millions, reportedly did not pay for the announcement on the Burj, it can be bought for Dh50,000-Dh100,000 depending on the time of day.