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A massive sandstorm engulfed Jaisalmer,Rajasthan, on August 5, affecting Balotra in Barmer district of the state too. Almost 300 km of the area was filled with dust making it impossible to see up to a certain distance, pushing the locals of the area in a state of panic.

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Dust balloons first erupted in villages like Poonam Nagar, Nehadal and Mohangarh. It then moved towards the west where certain luxury hotels were located.

Lokmat, the city’s famous Sonar fort was also affected by the storm.

Even though this was a frightful experience for the people of the affected areas, they were soon relieved by the cold winds and drizzle that followed.

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No causalities have been reported yet.

Sandstorms are quite common in these parts because of Thar Desert in Rajasthan. These sandstorms occurring during summer, makes conditions for locales difficult. The locales could hardly go out and has blocked many important roads.