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Twitter has announced that it is rolling out a new feature which will permit its users to tweet using their voice, capturing audio up to 140 seconds in a single tweet.

In a blog post Twitter said that the feature will be first accessible for the users on Apple’s iOS until the next notice and be rolled out for another iOS users in the coming weeks. Users will also have the option to create a voice tweet utilising new ‘wavelengths’ symbol on the Tweet composer screen.

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Social media platforms, including Twitter, from long time have been under pressure to control content that promotes abuse, harassment and misinformation on their platforms. Twitter representative Aly Pavela said they will take action against the reported voice tweets in accordance with the rule of the company.

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Twitter has also started adding fact-checking labels to certain types of coronavirus and election-related misinformation including a warning to a tweet by Trump about Minneapolis protests as it glorified violence.