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Li Meng Yan

Twitter has suspended the social media account of the Chinese virologist who claimed that coronavirus was developed in Wuhan laboratory. Li-Meng Yan had recently made the headlines when she claimed to have proof to show that the deadly virus which forced the whole world to come to an abrupt halt, was made in a Wuhan lab.

She also reportedly fled China after becoming a whistleblower in the case.

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According to a report, Yan’s account was taken down on September 15, after she accused China of intentionally manufacturing and releasing Covid-19.

Her account remains down with a message on her page reading ‘Account suspended. Twitter suspends account which violate the Twitter Rules.

Yan has since claimed she was suspended because ‘they don’t want the people to know this truth’.

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Yan said she was working at the Hong Kong School of Public Health – a reference laboratory for the World Health Organisation – before she was cut off after trying to alert people to human-to-human transmission of the virus in December.

“The genome sequence is like a human fingerprint,” she said in the video released on YouTube.

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She published a report this week that she claimed backs up her theory that China created the virus in a lab. Scientists have since slammed her report as unsubstantiated and said it cannot be given any credibility.

The Chinese National Health Commission, World Health Organisation and University Of Hong Kong also have disputed her claims