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B1 Bomber


Scott C Waring, a popular UFO hunter who is currently operating from Taiwan, has claimed to have spotted a cloaked US military bomber. In his recent blog post, Waring revealed that he made this mind-blowing discovery using Google Earth, and he even shared the pictures of his findings.


In the images shared on his blog, a B-1 bomber jet can be seen parked in a US military base, and besides it, we can see another jet-like structure that seems to be completely cloaked.

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“I found something at Dyess that I had never seen before…a single cloaked B1 bomber. If you rotate the map at a 360-degree angle, you will easily see the second B1 that is cloaked. It makes sense, you see the black paint already on the B1 is clocking technology that absorbs radar so it won’t reflect a signal back and be seen, thus it’s nearly invisible. It really makes sense to use alien technology on a B1 and create the most perfect aircraft ever. This B1 has alien tech making it capable of becoming invisible,” wrote Waring on his blog UFO Sightings Daily.

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The findings made by Waring has already gone viral on the internet, and many people seem convinced that alien life is real on earth. They also believe that countries like the United States are working together with aliens to master advanced technology.

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However, sceptics call the discoveries made by Waring classic cases of pareidolia, where the human brain will form recognizable images on unknown patterns.