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NASA, the United States space agency, and private companies like SpaceX are now busy gearing up with their upcoming Mars mission, which is ultimately aimed to create a human colony on the Red Planet. However, certain space experts believe that human missions to distant planets and the Moon could introduce earthly microorganisms to these space bodies, which will result in contamination. In order to avoid such a scenario, NASA has now introduced planetary protection policies for robotic and human missions to the moon and Mars.

The scare of biological contamination

NASA chief Jim Bridenstine has recently revealed that the space agency is committed to safeguarding other space bodies from contamination during upcoming probes including the much crucial Artemis mission.

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“We will protect scientific discoveries and the Earth’s environment while enabling dynamic human exploration and commercial innovation on the Moon and Mars,” wrote Bridenstine on Twitter.

According to experts, if humans introduce earthly microbes to distant planets during exploration, it will negatively impact our search of aliens that might be thriving in these space bodies. In the same manner, NASA is quite bothered about the introduction of space germs on earth once astronauts land back on the blue planet after the completion of the mission.

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If everything goes well, NASA will send the next man and the first woman to the Moon by 2024. The ultimate aim of this mission is to establish a sustainable human presence in the lunar surface, which will help the space agency to carry out the upcoming Mars mission with ease.

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Will NASA discover aliens in the upcoming Mars mission?

A few months back, NASA chief scientist Jim Green had claimed that alien life in its microbial form, will be discovered on Mars soon. But the NASA scientist also made it clear that humanity is not ready to accept the realities surrounding alien life, as it will open up a new realm in front of human consciousness.

In the meantime, a section of conspiracy theorists strongly believe that NASA has already discovered alien life, and they are hiding the facts regarding extraterrestrial existence to avoid public panic.