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After Tik Tok was banned in India, many social media platforms took this as an opportunity to fill the void with their own short-video apps. Competition in the short-video space in India continues to intensify with You Tube being the latest. The Google-owned platform attempts to fill the void created after the ban of Tik Tok.

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Its short-video app will be known as ‘Shorts’. In a blogpost You Tube said it is building You Tube Shorts, a new short-form video experience (15 seconds or less), for creators and artists who want to shoot short, catchy videos using their mobile phones.

“Over the next few days in India, we’re launching an early beta of Shorts with a handful of new creation tools to test out. This is an early version of the product, but we’re releasing it now to bring you our global community of users, creators and artists on our journey with us as we build and improve Shorts,” it said.

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YouTube said it will continue to add more features and expand to more countries in the coming months as it gets user’s feedback.

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Facebook’s Instagram too has launched Reels within its app to cash in on the absence of TikTok.

Meanwhile, a number of homegrown apps have been launched in the country including Ropso, Chingar, Josh and Moj.